Monday, May 21, 2012

Lazy Sub-Contracting by Flow Down – Just Don’t Do It!

Okay, I know the title is a little self-righteous….  Who has the time to write beautiful and meaningful subcontracts when there are a million regulations that change every minute and contract requirements that change even faster?  Well, actually, the answer is …lawyers….(I luv lawyers!), but then, who has the money to pay lawyer fees in the time of austerity and the reign of DCAA and IG?  Having said that, do you remember what the Monty Python used to say?  ”Nobody expects the DCAA inquisition, but it is coming”… or something like that…

GRANTS UNDER CONTRACT- are you ready to assume the risks?

As more often and larger “Grants under Contract (GUC)” components appear in USAID CPFF prime contract solicitations, there arise multiple issues for contractors bidding on such work, especially in the cases where USAID Contracting Officers direct contractors not to assess any “fee” on the GUCs component of the contract.