Sunday, February 3, 2013

What shall we write about next?

Coming to "Lost in Regulation" soon:

  • Strange and Wonderful FAR clauses never used by USAID Contractors
  • Application of Allowances to Fixed Daily Rate Personnel under T & M Contracts and IQCs
  • AIDAR Personnel Compensation Clause and non-Cost-Type Contracts
  • Certifications of Cost or Pricing Data for legalese challenged non-CPAs
  • Cost and Price Analysis - simple tips for Procurement Staff
  • TQSA, SMA, COLA - acronyms of torture, which you need not use (its a free country).
  • Constructive and Cardinal Changes
  • 10 Questions to ask your Agreement Officer after signing a Cooperative Agreement

Please email with any more topics of interest, or things you always wanted to know.  The weirder, the better.

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