Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sale of Personal Property by USAID Contractor & Recipient Employees - AIDAR PERSONNEL & Mandatory Provision

Here is the oldie but goodie.

This is one of the AIDAR clauses that everyone sees all the time in all of the USAID contracts, but either 1) reads right over,  paying no attention to the text or 2) ignores completely as something that must be outdated and left over from the “cold war” (no joke, someone gave me this as a “reason” once because the clause was dated 1990….).

AIDAR Clause 752.7027 PERSONNEL (1990) has lots of juicy stuff, but this story is about paragraph (d) which deals with Importation or sale of personal property or automobiles.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Come and join me for "Fun with Vendors and Grantees" Topic!

Grant and Cooperative Agreement Course
for USAID Partners

October 7 - 11, 2013 ~ Washington, DC
Four Points Sheraton Hotel

As a current or prospective implementing partner to USAID, your organization is invited to participate in a customized training course designed by former USAID Agreement Officers to ensure you have the knowledge base and the tools required for successful project implementation of your USAID sponsored grant or cooperative agreement.
The training session is available on a first come, first served basis through direct registration by your organization. Ideal registrants for this USAID tailored training would include: procurement, audit, finance, administrative and compliance officials.

Special Guest Lecturer
Olga Wall, Director of Grants and Contracts
International Relief and Development Inc (IRD)

Topic: Vendor vs Subaward – Getting it Right

Author: Complaince Blog for Contractors and Grantees
Course Details
Participants will be able to
·         Guide their respective organizations through the myriad of USAID rules and regulations to ensure compliance and successful project implementation
·         Resolve award and sub-award implementation issues
·         Gain an understanding of all USAID prior approval requirements, and learn about award extensions
·         Better understand the structure of USAID and how to build cooperative and beneficial relationships
·         Prepare their organization to achieve successful audits and prevent disallowances
·         Improve their organization’s business model and be prepared for USAID Forward
A customized event for your organization’s technical,
administrative and program staff, designed and
taught by former USAID Agreement Officers
specifically for NGOs with USAID sponsorship

Registrants provided exclusive Help Desk services
for 60 days upon course completion
10% Discount on Early Registrations
until September 16, 2013
Enter the promo code ClaroKC10 to take
advantage of your 10% early registration discount
October 7 - 11, 2013
Four Points Sheraton Hotel
Washington, DC